I started this blog in 2010 with the ambition of keeping it free of ads and an open medium to promote freely artists, friends.. But now 10 years later, I realize that this model is not sustainable, running this platform is expansive (WordPress business fee..) and definitely a job that not only requires from me to multitask (admin, design, writing, social media, video edition..) but also to dedicate lots of my personal time.. which becomes more and more difficult…

I hope someday I can extend bizaarbazaar and hire someone to help me run it. So for now, please consider donating if you can.

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I do not charge for any feature. Most of the time, I only share content from friends or from artists that I find inspiring. I’m not looking for hype or anything, the purpose of this site is just to document unique resonant aesthetics. If I accept your submission (premiere, QA) please consider donating $20 if you can of course. c


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Contact: info@bizaarbazaar.com