Following the aspirations of the first compilation of Bizaarbazaar, #2 is a media experiment that attempts to preserve musical content against the unpredictable mutations of the web. It features the work of over 40 artists responding to the themes: ‘Sonic Fragments,’ and ‘Rhythmic Weaponry.’

While bizaarbazaar #1 was packaged as a zine and double cassette, its successor strays further from conventional music packaging to take the form of a t-shirt tied to a unique download code, and a radio transmission on NTS Radio. To celebrate as well as accompany the release, a listening session of bizaarbazaar #2 is held at Motto Berlin in collaboration with the Swiss magazine zweikommasieben.


Mastering : Harrison Holt
Artwork / Design : Selwa Abd
Music : courtesy of the artists

Tshirts : Software Studios