Artwork by HPC 

written, produced, mixed by: Tony G @t_o_n_y_g
release date: May 21st, 2021
label: Sorry Records & EAT DIS @sorry-records @eatdislabel
mastered by: Escaflowne @escaflowne-iii

“The first collaborative release from Brooklyn-based DIY outfit Sorry Records and Chicago-via-Detroit co-operative label EAT DIS, Tony G presents One More Time — four powerhouse techno tracks full of hypnotizing gnarly wormhole techno spiral that comes complete with a nearly 170bpm Miami Bass fever dream electro remix from DJ Girl (Planet Euphorique, EAT DIS) and an arresting hard drum take from Taipei experimental club luminary Sonia Calico. 

The third release of the year from Rochester-born/NYC-based producer/dj Tony G, One More Time is Tony’s evil hangover post last March’s gospel house piano explosion Pianoman EP with Philly ballroom genius DJ Delish and west coast rave queen Bored Lord. Drawing inspiration from bleary NYC raves of a pre-COVID past as well as a particularly transcendent Wata Igarashi live set at Sustain-Release Year Six, One More Time is a testament to Tony’s craft-filled, genre-hopping talent. Previously praised by as “one of a few young New York producers doing new things with classic house (Resident Advisor),” One More Time finds Tony taking on classic techno, past and present, with precision and glee.” Sorry Records & EAT DIS

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