Cassette artwork by dabecy.

written by: @heidisabertooth &  @rgamble
 label: @jacktonerecords
 release date: May 7th, 2021
 mastered by: João Melo

Drakkar Noir (R Gamble) and Heidi Sabertooth are NYC-based artists and collaborate together in many capacities, primarily as residents of the Lost Soul Enterprises label and collective, which spotlights analog experiments and mutant sounds past and present: wave, electro, body music, and all things in between. ‘The Sleep of Reason’ is their first split release together. The release is schedule for May 7th, 2021 via the excellent Jacktone Records.

‘The Sleep of Reason’ is inspired by the famous Goya etching (‘The Sleep of Reason Produces Monsters’) and is intended as both a homage to a visionary artist and a reflection that the sentiment in the artwork resonates particularly today. 

The split EP showcases two well-seasoned artists flexing a mastery of their machines, delivering subterranean electro, techno, noise and experimental electronics. Gritty, murky basslines meet squelching melodies and alien vocals, all with the vibrant, present, live-wire energy of a hardware set performed in a smoky, crowded basement, rather than programmed within the confines of a studio. 

NYC-based singer, multi-instrumentalist, DJ and producer Heidi Sabertooth has a serious love for hardware. Grit-laced drum loops, vintage acid and a tide of unruly sound clatters forth from her studio. She’s been creating her unique brand of electronics since 2012, pushing out beautiful noise, from the delicate to the jarring. She is resident of Brooklyn-based Lost Soul Enterprises, host on The Lot Radio, and co-founder of Synth Library NYC. She has music releases on Lobster Theremin, UFO Inc., Bpitch Control, New York Haunted, and more. 
This collection of songs is a more intimate offering – but far from soft. A channeling of angst and disenchantment about relationships, technology, and expectations of the modern femme. Distorted analog hardware, tart acid, and icy digital vocals accompany a funhouse mirror reflection of self, addiction, and the pursuit of not being bored. All were made with hardware-based synths and drum machines in her home studio in Brooklyn, NY. 

“Drakkar Noir” – a sepulchral alias stolen from a popular 1980s cologne, mostly remembered for its ominous advertising imagery intended to subconsciously evoke mystery, sensuality, idolatry, and dark rituals. A corporate-branded conflation of ancient mythology and vaguely vampiric iconography, it is an empty phrase and a vehicle for the retro-futurist electro excursions of NYC producer R Gamble.

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