written/produced by : @naka-naka
label: @psychicliberation
release date: April 30th, 2021
mastered by: Jack Callahan 

Psychic Liberation proudly presents Acid For Babies, the latest full-length from Mexico-based artist Ñaka Ñaka (AKA Jeronimo Jimenez). Acid For Babies is a glistening invitation to an environment of minimal complexities. Its textures and repetition were fine-tuned to soothe or delight a baby’s ear — specifically, that of his new daughter. “No babies were exploited in the making of this album,” Jimenez notes. 

This record marks the first release Ñaka Ñaka — Jimenez’s club music alias — has contributed to the Psychic Liberation discography. The playful, unassuming tracks are one-take tape recordings from hardware instruments. The album is bookended with an interpretation of Raymond Scott’s little-known final composition: a piece for MIDI titled “Beautiful Little Butterfly.”  PSYCHIC LIBERATION

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