Artwork by Amelia Baxter

Contest, California-based electroacoustic improv ensemble recently released this beautiful EP “Qualitative Easing” via the Brooklyn-based imprint Surface World. The physical edition of the release include an acrylic sculpture by the artist Amelia Baxter.

“Contest is the result of decades-long friendships—beginning in teenage punk, followed by the rave years, and settling into what can perhaps only be described as “sit-down noise”—Contest is the sound of lifelong dependencies on subcultural affiliation. 

If quantitative easing involves central bankers dumping zeroes onto balance sheets to stop international finance from seizing up, what would its dialectical twin look like? Contest has no answers. As a vaguely clever emblem floating over this session, it corresponds to the bright and easy exchange of sounds.” Surface World

written, composed, performed by: Chris Brian Taylor, Daniel Pearce, Danilo Markov, Brandon Bussolini
label: Surface World
release date: October 1st, 2020
engineered, mixed and mastered by: Jacob Felix Heule

Chris Brian Taylor – No-input mixer, effects 
Daniel Pearce – Drums 
Danilo Markov – Amplified mbira, Ekdahl Moisturizer, X-Acto knives 
Brandon Bussolini – Aalto, Zaquencer