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Digital Album Cover work by Ricardo Linero Ledezma

An album of all original compositions, Mr. Garnett, displays his ability as a bandleader, composer arranger as well as his tenor saxophone featuring an all panamanian band plus special guest Idania Dowman on voice over “Bossa Cariñosa”.“Lindo Boquete” is a song that immediately takes you to the beauty of Boquete in the province of Chiriquí, Panama. “Victor the Boa Constrictor” is dedicated to Panamanian legend pianist/composer/bandleader Victor Boa. “Enchanted Oasis” is a tune that the group often played at a club named Platea in Panama and felt like a crowd favorite. On “Blues of John C”, Carlos pays tribute to tenor saxophonist legend John Coltrane and on the title track “Shekina’s Smile” Carlos delivers a ballad that takes a whole lifetime to manifest. “Shekina’s Smile” is dedicated to his daughter Shekina while paying tribute to his home of Panama.

Carlos Garnett currently lives in Panama City, Panama and since his move back in 2003 he was actively performing with his own groups and teaching the new generations of musicians in Panama. In the last few years Mr. Garnett has been dealing with eyesight loss and a stroke that took a toll on his ability to fully play the saxophone. At his 81 years of age he is still composing new material and earlier this year performed with his new quintet at the historic Anita Villalaz Theater in Panama City. He is also currently working on the release of his autobiography.

The release of this album is a way to directly help Carlos Garnett and his family for his contribution to humanity.

Carlos has always been a prolific artist that’s mind is still as bright as the sun and traveling at the speed of light. Every time I get to speak to this man I learn so much and I know we owe it to the future generations to fully understand who we are. “Shekina’s Smile” is an album that represents a beautiful moment in time for Panamanian music and it is here for you, enjoy and share it with the world. RIVER DOWN RECORDS

composed, produced & arranged by: Carlos Garnett
label: River Down Records
release date: June 5th, 2020

Carlos Garnett: tenor saxophone, voice, composer
Idania Dowman: voice (track 5)
Anggie Obin: flute
Aquiles Navarro: trumpet
Juan Carlos de León: piano
Eduardo Crocamo: bass
Aníbal de León: drums

self-released by Carlos Garnett in 2013 only physical CD copies.
re-released on River Down Records on June 1st 2020 for digital platforms.