“I just tried to improvise something that goes from these kind of deep sexy sounds of Early Chicago to something maybe more joyful and direct. I Miss clubbing with Julien so this is dedicated to him.” @armagnac-max


“He went to Brittany (France) for the first time at the age of 10, on a peninsula of which he has forgotten the name. 5 years earlier, on 30 September 1995, he attended his first game at St Symphorien. FC Metz defeated AJ Auxerre 3 goals to 1. He last fought for the last time at 12 years old against Théo, who has since moved to Reunion Island. The brawl occurred during P.E.S. class. He had a nosebleed. At 9 years old, he got his first role in the theater. He plays Faust in a free version of Goethe’s work. At the age of 14, he enters a kickflip in the parking lot of the Robert Schumann high school in Metz, in front of witnesses. His first DJ set on Virtual DJ takes place the same year for Marine’s birthday, in the party hall of Sorbey (Moselle). In 2005, one year earlier, Pauline broke up with him for the 9th time in 9 months. He repeats the junior year. In the winter of 2014, in Saarbrücken, Germany, he sleeps with four friends, without heating, in the back of a Ford Fiesta. In the same year, in London, England, British people take a discreet photo of him in a bar because he looks like Nathan, a character from the Misfits TV show. Three years earlier, a passion for the house and techno scenes of Chicago, Detroit and Rotterdam was growing inside him and eventually possessed him entirely. In 2013, in the vault of La Chaouée, in Metz, a German shepherd takes a dump in the middle of the dancefloor as he plays “Let Me Show You Love (Quick Dub)” by Romanthony.

He is a DJ and released an EP on Skylax Records in 2019, inspired by New York deep house at the dawn of the 1990s, which was acclaimed by Bicep, Strip Steve, Chaos in the CBD, Jacques Renault and Dream 2 Science.” Armagnac