QA : 420


original_367df86abf5f5b3ffb3d4ceb69ec9c35.jpgCourtesy of Galcher Lustwerk

1. Who are you?

420 aka Galcher Lustwerk aka Road Hog aka The Fock aka Chip Chocolate aka Macchiato.


2. What do you do?

Music producer / DJ / lyricist


3. Where do you often create / produce?
In my bed, the kitchen table, a couch, anywhere I can be comfortable with my laptop.


4. When?

I’m more energetic in the AM.


5. Why do you play music?

My brain is like a jukebox, always playing music throughout the day. I’ve always wanted to make songs, albums, and especially the final physical product, whether it’s a cassette tape, CD, or digital download, is the most satisfying thing for me.


6. When did you start making music?

In middle school using a demo of Fruity Loops for sounds and Sonic Foundry ACID Music as a DAW.


7. Which track defines you the most?

Galcher Lustwerk “Another Story” is lyrically the most comprehensive description of my life and personality at the moment.

8. How would you describe your own music?

Introspective, sensual, african american american dance music.


9. Any track of the moment?


10. What influences your work?

Underdogs, lethargy, hedonism, sunsets, depersonalisation.


11. What’s your academic background? Are you an autodidact?

I hold a BFA in Graphic Design.
/ I go through phases where I binge-read books and articles. Lately I’ve been reading about Afropessimism and Afrofuturism. I also try and keep up with any marketing or business trends that may inform how I promote my own music. Some books I’ve enjoyed recently: Brainwashed by Tom Burrell, Uncanny Valley by Anna Wiener, How to Take Smart Notes by Sonke Ahrens, and Afropessimism by Frank B. Wilderson III, Nothing to Envy by Barbara Demick.


12. Favorite designer?

It’s hard for me to answer this because I’m so jaded by the design industry. Design is a thankless job. There doesn’t need to be any more design personalities or celebrities in this world, in my opinion.


13. Favorite book?


14. Favorite classic movie?


15. Favorite music label?


16. Your dream collaboration?

Lana Del Rey, or Yasutska Nakata (producer for J-pop group Perfume)


17. Are you analog or digital?

Digital, I favor portability, hate lugging cables and gear around.


18. Which softwares/tools/instruments do you use?

Anything I can get my hands on! Name one I’ve tried them all, at least in demo form.


19. Describe your creative process?


Prep my ableton file, smoke,  jam, smoke, vocals, smoke, sequence. I try to finish the track in one sitting, within a few hours. Then I can listen to that rough draft for a few weeks and consider things I can add/subtract/change.


20. When are you the most prolific (creatively) ?

When given a deadline.


21. Any favorite record stores? (Real/Virtual)

I still buy most of my music off iTunes, ashamed to say. 2 bridges in NY is dope, tho.


22. What’s your life philosophy? (Optimistic/Pessimistic)

I want to make art so that younger people like me can be inspired to do the same. Inspiration helps everyone get through the day, and it’s an artist’s calling to inspire themselves and others.


23. Do you have a healthy lifestyle?

To be honest, no not at all. I eat a lot of junk food, I lay in bed for hours at a time during the day, I don’t get any form of exercise besides walking around NY. Sleep cycle is all fucked up from travelling and djing… it’s starting to catch up with me and i’m dealing with it day by day.


24. How do you manage your time effectively ? (Job/Hobby)

Productive procrastination, replace something you’re avoiding with something else productive.


25. Any secret skills?

They’re secret to even myself.

26. Any future plans?

I plan to play a lot more video games in the future.


27. What’s your life motto?



28. Any ‘mot de la fin’?









1. How has the pandemic affected your life? 
Less snacks, less social anxiety, more boredom, more financial anxiety, more leisure, the world's gotten smaller and the future longer.

2. Do you have any resources to share? 
Tricky autobiography 
Gucci Mane autobiography