Design by Carbon Anderson and Virginia de las Pozas


Pamela_ and her sons is the solo music project of NYC-based multimedia artist Carbon Anderson.

written by: @pamela_andhersons
label: @embalming-lately
release date: April 21, 2020


Watch video:

Direction: Jean Langkau and Beha Flickinger
Editing: Jean Langkau
Primary Dancers: Beha Flickinger & Marcyanne Hanneman
Here is the diary entry that inspired the track (names changed):

the freedom of the queer rave is impeccable

last night with some angels I realized that I was truly ready to release jealousy on a cellular level

I feel this knowledge that because you can never truly possess anything, you can release your grip, you can hope that you will experience these things you desire at some point- life is long and chaotic, what happens in one day or moment or year is not definitive of the possibilities of the next moment or day or year
I feel my heart opening
I can’t have control but I can have appreciation and bliss

I love to be surrounded by my friends so much, to see them in their chains and black lace dancing in the blue light is breathtaking

candy and I said our goodbyes before they left, embracing and feeling grateful for their energy, we cared for each other this last year, they showed me so much about freedom and art and living

“Dancing in the blue light was filmed in three parts: first at High Tide Gallery in Philadelphia for Nascent Action Volume 1, facilitated by Kwan Howard and Scott Cooper. Featured in this footage is Marcyanne Hannemann, a writer and musician who completed a Germany tour with Pamela_ and her sons in August 2019. The second round of footage was shot spontaneously on NYE at a warehouse rave at 6am in New York City. The video was completed and edited by Atlanta-based artists Beha Flickinger and Jean Langkau, who elaborated on the narrative of post rave bliss in a kind of circular collage that suspends time. Dancing in the blue light memorializes those nights that never ended.” CA



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