Artwork by Blahblahblasfemia
Graphics by Umfang& Cdxs

produced by: @umfang
label: Thanks For Enlightening Me ( @user-233161961 )
release date: March 10th, 2020
mastering: Marisa Kimiko Saunders


Riven is the speed of regenerating, desperately and orderly. A beautiful quality of air traveling inside an enclose space, inner echoes and droplets.
I feel water, the tightness and looseness of organic architectures. Intensities of light; at some point light glimmers over water, at others there are rays seeping into-and-out undergrounds, sometimes more somber and breathless.
I see dawns throughout the album, resonating with a twilight of the gods, with patterns of night to day. Any rupture can be sealed again. Floating pieces attract. Who is left to speak when things split apart, and a world grows anew?

-Mayra Rodríguez Castro

The engine is starting. The engine is a pulse powering an escalator that’s moving upward to a public park. Smells like rubber, like burnout leaving traces in the air. You can sense the center amongst the rubble imagining highways of elastic or condensation as new life.

Irregular heart morphs into two bodies and beats like reverberations off walls. I glance over my shoulder like a spy. I’m tossing my heartbeat into the room for you to catch.

-Erika Ceruzzi