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still from this interactive music video

produced by: Javonntte (@user772108499)
label: @fifteenpm
release date: February 26th, 2020

“Javonntte’s productions date back to the mid-90s, when he ran the label NRE and released tracks by himself, Blake Baxter, and Eddie Fowles, among others. Throughout the late 90s and 00s, he honed his distinct, effortless sense of rhythm as a lead dancer for Aretha Franklin, touring with the soul singer for over twelve years. In 2016, he shifted his focus back to the studio with his release of “The Musical Stylings of Javonntte” on Kai Alcé’s NDATL records. A gifted singer and multi-instrumentalist, his compositions are marked by sophisticated harmonies, melodic bass lines, and his own uncanny vocal work. The hook for the title track came to Javonntte while driving at night through Detroit. The others quickly followed over a few weeks of pronounced soulfulness and positivity in the producer’s life. In his words, the four tracks are about “paying attention to beauty; it’s something that inspires me about the city; the people, everything, getting up in the morning; food…. basically they’re feel good tracks, you know lovers, or if you’re smoking weed, or whatever you’re doing, it’s something that makes you feel good.” ” FIFTEEN PM

IG: @javonntte