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produced by: @heidisabertooth
label: @ellen-allien 's UFO Inc.
release date: February 10th, 2020

STATEMENT FROM HEIDI:  “I made  the four tracks for With The Void in the span of a couple months in 2019, — I recorded it in my home studio in Brooklyn, NY.  My process is hardware focused – all the sounds are generated by synths and beat machines.  I play my machines like instruments because I grew up playing all kinds of wind and string instruments – guitar, piano, trumpet, violin – and I played in bands for many years before DJing, so I find great satisfaction in playing live and making my machines feel human.  I want the machines to have some life and breath in them and then we play together – even though we call this my ‘solo project’, its really like i have a band – me and my machines.
For the gear nerds out there – These 4 tracks focused mainly on the interplay between three vintage pieces of gear: my 1983 Roland SH-101 mono synth, my 2003 Korg ESX1 Electribe beat machine, and some FM synthesis from my DX200, which was made in 2001. I really like how these machines play together and  I’ve had them for a long time – this is my main set up when I play live – so I think the EP feels as live as possible.  Each one of my machines has a unique personality to me.  I am not one of these people that moves from gear to gear every couple months,  buying new things all the time – I like to really get to know a few pieces of gear very well – then we have sort of a relationship together – then I can learn all the ways to make it sing – and sometimes it will surprise me too.

My approach to making tracks is to capture as much live experimentation and weirdness as possible, while still making something that grooves and kicks on the dancefloor.  I am not so concerned about making things perfect, in fact sometimes I intentionally try to disrupt things if it starts sounding too polished or square – I like things to be human. I think you can feel it in the recording when the hands are touching the machine – it is human/machine/spirit connection.  This is why I named the EP as such – With The Void – this is how I like to create – jump into outerspace, into the unknown, with my machines and we all have an experience together – a cosmic electric dance – and that’s when I hit the record button.”