Photo directed and shot by Leah Solomon (@kahsai )

1. Who are you?

I’m Jesus Hilario Reyes also Morenxxx. I’m an interdisciplinary visual artist and Dj.

2. What do you do?

I’m a sonic and visual artist, I primarily work in 3D, sound performance, and film. And of course I’m a Dj. 

3. Where do you often create/produce?When?

I tend to create/produce on my days off, or late at night. One of my goals for this year is to release my first EP and really drown myself in production.

4. When did you start making music? 

I started engaging with sound production about 3 years ago, while working on numerous short films. Then began to experiment with sound as I began to incorporate sound into my performance work. then began to collaborate on making music 2 years ago, when Ariel and I collaborated on Putamaria.

5. How would you describe your own music? 

She’s very much in the scaffolding stage of it all, but right now words/phrases that come to mind are:

To feel more than, catching the holy ghost, 145-155 bpm, ascendant spirals, conga drums, a clave, reversed machete sounds, preachers yelling about god’s second coming, the rapture, and ode to, an offering to.

6. Any track of the moment? 

Okay I’m really excited about this new track I just found by Dj Kamikaze, called Fat Flunk Flav (Mike Aboslom Remix) and I’m currently obssesed with Onleash & Fakethias’s new release ‘Authorized Dealer’, also Thoom’s new track ‘Left Hand Crane’, and last but not least Robert Armani’s ‘Grind’.

7. What influences your work? 

I think the thing that influences me the most is beautiful and critical writing. Like I can sit on a beautifully written sentence for weeks, and feel some sort of fire beneath my heart. Like when you’re reading something and you’re screaming because it actualized your prior sentiments and allotted you with some proper language Then I’m also influenced by my familial narrative whether it be my family’s dynamics or my personal culture, then of course my surrounding, being around nightlife and queer black peoples.    

8. Favorite designer?

Right now my favorite designers are Ramona (@optimal_density), and Nathan Hoyle (@natha_____hoyle), I also really enjoy Section 8’s work, Jean Paul Gaultier of course.

9. Favorite book? 

Black and Blur by Fred Moten

10. Your dream collaboration?

I really want to collaborate with Nkisi, and Chino Amobi. 

11. Describe your creative process?

For Djing, I try really hard to conceive a sonic narrative. I prioritize blends to make something new. There tends to be some sort of cohesion in feeling or topic within the tracks I select. Sometimes I wing it but I feel best when I have a formula. I would say my process is very formulaic. I also take a lot of field recordings and those often then to inform the energy of the mix they’re attached too.

12. Do you have a healthy lifestyle? 

I’m sure it’s not the most healthiest but I make do with what I have. I’ve recently started going to the gym and getting more rest. I’ve begun to move more selectively and really make better choices of the spaces I want to frequent, and just following my intuition in general. I’m like vegan adjacent, I’m eating well. For the most part I do live a healthy lifestyle until the weekends comes lol.  

13. How do you manage your time effectively? (Job/hobby) 

Haha I don’t and this is something I definitely need to work on.

14. Any secret skills? 

I’m a really good swimmer, I used to be in swim for about 5-6 years give or take. I even have a state record for 50 yrd breaststroke haha. I think I’m a good cook, but my actual talent is probably plating and making things look beautiful.

15. Any future plans? 

I’m going to release an EP later this year most likely in the fall or summer time. I’m headed to Puerto Rico in late february and I’m really excited about that. Going back always feels like a reset button, and I tend to be reminded about why I do the things I do. 

16. What’s your life motto? 

I wish I was this cohesive, to truly answer this question lol

17. Any “mot de la fin”? 

I’ll end with a quote I’ve been sitting on.

“Did they really bring the wildness to you or did you bring it to and in and out of one another? You say, I keep them safe but I’m not safe. We’re all at play here, we’re all part of it, we all compliment.”