Photo by Lydo Le.


1. Who are you?

Delia Beatriz aka Debit.

2. What do you do?

I’m a producer, DJ, mastering engineer apprentice…currently pursuing a Masters degree in Music Tech.

3. Where do you often create/produce?

Usually I produce in my bedroom where I currently have all my studio gear, otherwise I will work at Steinhardt’s studios or whomever’s space Im working with.

4. When?

I tend to work on music almost everyday.

5. Why do you play music?

I consider it to be the perfect medium, equally magical and scientific. With the capacity to hold meaning with space for interpretation on so many levels. It’s social but singular…has the [physical] ability to completely change our moods…

6. When did you start making music?

I started making electronic music in 2009, my senior year of undergrad.

7. Which track defines you the most?

Probably Numbering (feat Dj Earl) from my last EP. Its piercing and structured, noisy, uses oscillators/sine waves as main voice…and its playful. From my ambient body of work I think either Lamat  from Animus or Resonant Affective from Love Discipline, for the opposite reasons. These are contemplative, serious, suspenseful, sinister and thick (respectively)

8. How would you describe your own music?

Robust, dark, deliberate, intuitive, whimsical.

9. Any track of the moment?

Honestly the ss20 mix I did for Barragan… I’m completely obsessed with all the tunes in that. Total ear worm. ALSO, Grime’s Violence.. oops

10.What influences your work?

A lot of things. I am concept driven, most projects I undertake are unpacking some idea, theory, story… I try to create and think on several levels of meaning, as well as with a heavy consideration for the technical or stylistic elements… It is often a pedagogical process for me. I’ve never really made something that didn’t require me to learn or grasp something new.

11.What’s your academic background? Are you an autodidact?

I never went to conservatory but I was always taking electives and extracurriculars around music, synths gear…youtube tutorial and forums on the regular, or shadowing friends.  Now I am very properly being trained in both theory, composition and also in the development of the digital tech that processes sound (music).

12.Favorite designer?

Rei Kawakubo.

13.Favorite book?

I haven’t read a creative/philosophical book in over 1 year, been on that academic, peer reviewed lock down so I actually can’t even remember what impacted me to the point of being a favorite…

14.Favorite classic movie?

From the classics I would say maybe Dr. Strangelove? I really couldn’t tell you tbh.

15.Favorite music label?

PAN rn.

16.Your dream collaboration?

Alva Noto or Rosalia.

17. Are you analog or digital?

Depends on the project. I’m a heavy gear head, most of my adult economic surplus has gone into expanding my studio/rig… but I also love ableton, libraries, digital sampling and filter processing.. kinda feel I’ve struck a good balance between the two but honestly. I just started learning max and the Buchla, and I can very much see myself heading into that direction more seriously…

18.Which soft wares/tools/ instruments do you use/play?

Depends on the album project, gig/collab.. but my main DAW is Ableton, and I need push and my Apollo 6 for everything.

Most consistent plugins are for filtering and mastering, fab filters and izotope waves , respectively.

The Analog stuff that I can’t live without are my Roland Gaia, which was actually my first big purchase in 2013…I got it at a black Friday back when Best Buy sold musical gear. Formed in a line that went around several blocks the store, but it was worth it. Only cost me 300usd. Also my Tetra module, Tempest…and I just bought my first Waldroff module too.

19.Describe your creative process?

It is a self-discovery process. Though It really depends on what I’m trying to accomplish. either I’m trying to create soundscapes for a narrative exploring a tool or I’m trying to make a deliberate track within x genre or w this kind of sound or something. I  try to practice and dev on the regular so ideas are constantly coming out… I’m becoming more referential to musical ideas (theory) and exploring these concepts or rules though…

20.When are you the most prolific (creatively)?

When I have hw. Deadlines finals or other non-musical commitments… probably because of some inherent rebelliousness.

21. Any favorite record stores? (Real/virtual)

 Boomkat , I love their curation and their writing.

22.What’s your life philosophy? (Optimistic/pessimistic)

My life philosophy is “Stupid optimistic”. My spiritual/philosophical praxis is just keeping my dark side in super check without being phony. I genuinely want to reach a higher spiritual grounds within this lifetime.

23. Do you have a healthy lifestyle?

Stress is my sworn enemy so being healthy is a preventative approach.

I’m sober & straightedge, count calories, try to exercise regularly… BUT I smoke cigs so I’m not at an ideal state of health yet ;(

24. How do you manage your time effectively? (Job/hobby)

I don’t party and have a functional social life, that is I try to multitask when I’m spending quality or leisure time with  people I want to see (like eat, or going to a show, exhibit etc.)

Being in school is extremely demanding and I don’t want to give up my musical career, that is playing shows and making music/ remixes, so it really feels like a big challenge… I’m not great at balancing… I can be very hermit and just stay stuck in studio or study mode and that’s not necessarily good for being part of the conversation, which matters to me.

25. Any secret skills?

I have really good aim, like sniper good.

26. Any future plans?

EU 2020… for the first time as an artist!

27.What’s your life motto?

Now is better than never.

28. Any “mot de la fin”?



Debit will be playing live at New Forms Festival in Vancouver. (27th September). More information can be found here.