Photo by Rob Mazz

1. Who are you?

My name is Donis pronounced (DAH-NIS) I’m a Dominican American artist born and raised in Bushwick, Brooklyn.

2. What do you do?

 DJ/producer and event curator.

3. Where do you often create/produce?

I usually create in my bedroom, my sacred space.

4. When?

I’ve been working on being more consistent with producing, I try to spend at least 30 min a day playing around on my sampler or ableton.

5. Why do you play music?

I play music for a lot of reasons but mainly as a form of self expression, telling my story through sounds and rhythms in hopes that people hear parts of their own story in the music. I feel like everyone has a memory of when a DJ dropped that one track in the club that made them lose complete control of their body, losing themselves entirely to the music. Kinda like catching the holy ghost or something. Moments like that have saved my life and that’s the kind of moments I try to create when I DJ. I want people to lose and find themselves on the dance floor, maybe find a lover too.

6. When did you start making music?

I started making music more consistently this year.

7. Which track defines you the most?

I don’t think there’s one track that really encapsulates everything I’m about but Jovonn – This Thing is Jammin’ (Dub) comes pretty close. Swing is really important to me, every track I play has to have a unique swag and bounce to it.

8. How would you describe your own music?

I can’t say I’ve found my unique musical identity yet, but my music will speak for itself when it comes out.

9. Any track of the moment?

 I’ve been playing Ase Manual – Senzu in all my sets lately, shit go crazy.

10.What influences your work?

My personal experiences, the city I’m from as well as my cultural roots as an Afro-Indegenous person.

11.What’s your academic background? Are you an autodidact?

I graduated from this highschool in the LES called New Design High School, it was lit they had a skatepark on the roof. And yeah I’m pretty self taught for the most part.

12.Favorite designer?

 Issey Miyake.

13.Favorite book?

 If Beale Street Could Talk by James Baldwin.

14.Favorite classic movie?

Perfect Blue by Satoshi Kon.

15.Favorite music label?

Either Dance Mania or Cajual/Relief, I love the Chicago stuff.

16.Your dream collaboration?

My dream collab at the moment would have to LSDXOXO, thats the goat right now.

17. Are you analog or digital?

 Both, I love using analog gear and playing records in my sets.

18.Which soft wares/tools/ instruments do you use/play?

I use Ableton, a midi keyboard and my Korg ES1 sampler. I also play the drums.

19.Describe your creative process?

Roll up, smoke gas and press buttons.

20.When are you the most prolific (creatively)?

I would say when the sun is out, in the night time all I wanna do is dance and spiral.

21. Any favorite record stores? (Real/virtual)

A1 Records is my favorite place to dig.

22.What’s your life philosophy? (Optimistic/pessimistic)

You must know where you come from to understand where you’re going.

23. Do you have a healthy lifestyle?

Physically I’m feeling really good, really grateful for this body of mine. As far as my mental and spiritual go, idk. Life in New York can be very taxing at times.

24. How do you manage your time effectively? (Job/hobby)

Writing in my notes and using my calendar, google calendar is poppin for organization.

25. Any secret skills?

 I can eat 86 bags of hot cheetos in a single day.

26. Any future plans?

 Real g’s move in silence like lasagna – Weezy F Baby

27.What’s your life motto?

Love is free.

28. Any “mot de la fin”?

Thanks for having me BizaarBazaar!! And thanks to anyone who took the time to read this!!