produced by: @seekersinternational
label: ICS Library Records
release date: June 2019


_The gun tune to end ALL gun tune!

“Inter-Outer-National Dub Explorers, SEEKERSINTERNATIONAL, perform an outright dub dismantlement operation on their return-home project for ICS Library Records after a globe-trotting series of releases pushing soundsystem obliquities!

Armed with a battery-operated 1987 Tascam Porta Two 4-track recorder and a Shure SM57 cardioid microphone, the SKRS crew capture field recordings of firearms being dismantled and re-assembled during a workshop on firearm care and handling conducted at a local military surplus shop.
These field recordings make up the primary building blocks used to shape and construct the entire GUNCONTROLLA album.
The recorded sounds of cold steel, hard plastic and wood, colliding and grating against one another, undergo an elemental transfiguration via signal chain as they are pushed through and coaxed out of the mythical SKRS echo chamber.
The results are fascinating, conjuring some imaginative intersection somewhere between Lee Perry’s Black Ark, Bernard Parmegiani at the GRM and Mark & Moritz at the Rhythm & Sound controls; a temporal warp of dreamlike dread tension, where, crucially, not a single shot is fired.
Using dub’s transfigurative techniques to turn the workshop recordings into an absorbingly abstract warning shot: Stop Gun Violence._” ICS LIBRARY RECORDS