SYBIL JASONPhoto by Jeff Elstone


1- Who are you?

Sybil Jason aka FARCED fka Sybil Disobedience, Syb Vicious, Minimal Syb. Soon: Sybil The Entertainer. NYC born, Haiti/Jersey raised, Brooklyn saved and now Jersey based outsider back from nearly half a decade in Europe. Forever an outsider, never fitting in a box and always doing my own thing.

2- In 2006, you created FARCED, “an mp3 blog, home to various mixes and podcasts”. What was the intention behind the blog?

I had just done a happy hour set at Pianos in the Lower East Side and wanted to archive it as I really liked that one set. At that point I had been DJing over 2 years but was obsessed of owning my own URL and going from there. I believe I registered first and the podcast of that DJ set came later. The name did too later, I was completely anonymous as blogs often were back then before the social media vacuum exploded. So it ended up being a blog, ideas, little musings and eventually hosting mp3s of rare tracks but with historical background. Each post via RSS could be downloaded on itunes as a podcast back then so people could read the post and hear the mp3 or mix. I used to get a lot of demos from musicians (which I ignored, it clearly said NO DEMOS) and it was a popular blog for mp3 downloads on hypemachine. The bandwidth on my site was insane. It just went on from there, I hosted everything. The best thing is that I always posted mix CDs and TAPES I would send to my friend Luke by mail in Australia and another friend on the other side of the country in Cali, once the received them of course. I’ve kept it up as some relic from that era but a FARCED second generation revamp is coming as many people remind me that “Sybil, you have a platform of your own, you need to use it.” For FARCED’s 13th birthday I should release that very first 2006 podcast as it’s been offline since last decade. So I guess the intention of sharing music is still there but it’s largely offline, live with my insane energy and rollercoaster of DJ sets. Guess it’s full circle since it started with a DJ set.

3- What does FARCED stand for? 


Well the name comes from the Rudimentary Peni EP FARCE. I had no name for the blog and it just stuck. Ironically in 2019 it’s oddly fitting for the way things are in the world. The bird logo is from a Poison Girls album. Never was ever for profit (I’ve paid for the hosting and domain(s) all this time myself), it was about sharing, which is what music is about. A very punk/DIY ethos first and foremost. I never saw the bird going farther than the blog. And now people rock the totes and I get questions as to when I’ll make more. The bird is actually landing on the front and back cover of the LP but I like to think of it like a Phoenix rising from the ashes, taking flight. I always wanted it as a tattoo as a teen and now it’s kind of stuck with me.

My fave lyric from that EP has always been and again seems fitting for things at the moment:

Hey you! Yeah you! 

You’re the only human everyone’s an alien 

Save you, save you 

We’re malevolent malignant tumors sucking on your body 

Preying on your mind never mind, never mind 

Preying on your mind never mind, never mind

Dissecting your soul, spirit being or whatever 

[Sic] your brain? 

We’ve your whole life videoed 

Your womb, sub-life, childhood, adolescence, adulthood, old age

I mean this came out in 1982 on Crass Records & seems pretty apropos for the state of everything hyper documented thanks to the internet, AI etc. 


4- Since 2014, you’ve been a radio host as FARCED (for Berlin Community Radio and most recently Rinse France). Has hosting radio shows affected the way you listen to music? 

Thanks to Anastazja (one of the two founders) of BCR for telling me to name it FARCED, as I really didn’t know what to name it. I wanted something new, as I had just moved to Europe and it was a new chapter. She called out the obvious, FARCED DUH! I had hosted several East Village Radio shows since 2010, most often Minimal Wave and I wanted to do radio with a sort of same background as the original EVR. Hosting radio shows doesn’t affect it because you know I like to play a little of everything live but I do listen to some tracks that I think “Yeah I def want to play this on air.” Actually as I have been listening to a lot of Hip Hop & R&B of my youth lately, July’s Rinse France show will be a 2 hour mix of underrated 90s R&B I recorded last month, fitting for summer. The thing about radio is that you can pretty much do whatever you want, at least with online radio which I am immensely grateful for and I appreciate all the people who have followed me over the years from station to station (and from the blog). Radio is in my blood and will always be a part of my life.

5- How do you usually find new music?

Lately via people that send me music/promos or friends hand me records, bandcamp, music I forgot about that I used to own on vinyl or still do or music I just know. A lot of records I owned but would never play out back in the day now has found a new fit into rotation. Sometimes friends will tell me about tracks which I appreciate, very seldom on the dance floor as I am too busy enjoying the experience. I have been absorbing music since I was pretty much a toddler and most definitely at six years old was when I started paying attention to music (the distinct memory of turning on Hot97 and hearing Salt-N-Pepa’s “Let’s Talk About Sex”.) My Mom bought me a radio with a tape recorder so I could play radio and record music off the radio on blank tapes. I used to dig a lot for records which cost me a lot of money as I used to collect a lot of rare records (before reissues) but you don’t find me collecting records as extensively as before.  When you move around it becomes a headache. 

6- What are your current inspirations (sonically)? 

SILENCE hahaha! But honestly my Mom, I am going to use her voice in a lot of samples.

7- In 2013, You released  Farced ‘Smelt 7th seal Mixtape.
Do you consider FARCED a label? Are you intending to release more mixtapes in the future? 

I still have them! Please take them off my hands, FARCED has a bandcamp. People listen to that now like “wow Sybil you definitely were ready for Europe and evolving.” I consider FARCED a platform. In this age of brands and all of that (I have never chosen to call FARCED a brand) the right word would be platform. Given that vinyl sales are at the lowest and knowing so many people who run labels it’s not something I aspire to do. Maybe a few years ago I thought about it but you never know! I’d prob stick to tapes and like limited 10” records which people hate but I LOVE. Or random objects with digital sales.

8- Why choosing as ‘format’ the mixtape? What appeals you in the mixtape (cassette) format? 

I’m old school! The old mixes on FARCED were almost all MAXELL mixtapes (if not Maxell CDs) that I made for other people until in 2013 I decided to release all mixes through FARCED for FARCED. But also with 30 or 45 minutes on each side you could do something completely different for the other side. This is very evident with Smelt and other mixtapes: 

9- Favorite designer?

Vintage Alaïa, Givenchy, Issey Miyake Pleats Please, vintage YSL when Yves was alive.

10- Favorite classic movie?

It’s a classic to me and has been my favorite movie since I was 9 or 10. Mahogany featuring Diana Ross!

11- When are you the most prolific (creatively)?

Night time!!!!! I come alive at night, like an owl. Or if I am jetlag and lucky to wake up super early it flips.

12- Any favorite record stores?

A-1 records in the East Village, happy that after all these years abroad, I always come back and it’s still there.

13- Any secret skills? 

A lot which the world will see soon. But most people don’t realize that I am actually insanely funny & charismatic, it’s out of control lately, especially my energy that fuels this.

14- Any future plans?

A lot that largely don’t involve music. Move in Silence as I always say!

15- What’s your life motto?

Slay in Your Own Lane & Ain’t No Half Steppin’.

16- Any “mot de la fin”?

Be yourself! Seriously, you’re a shining star, it’s almost 2020 stop wasting your life not realizing how amazing you are. Accept compliments, they may resonate with you later in life and come full circle. Also the attitude of gratitude will bring you all you want in this short life.