PREMIERE: _ \ • / _ EON – .xt |​]​|​]​>> [¶] <<​|​]​|​] tx. (Many Fists)




produced by: @nowistheeon
label: @newyorktrax
release date: 03/25/19

“Under pseudonym “Jean Eon,” Johnny Quinn Alston is the artist behind the project _ \ • / _ EON, a performance endeavor born out of an intense personal and familial experience in 2011.

_ \ • / _ EON is a portrait of the various manifestations of energy throughout the wide span of time and space we inhabit, from human experience to multidimensional mystery, as well as a peek into the many emanations that eternal power can create.

Jean Eon is merely a human form attempting to channel what bits of existential mystery he can interpret into sensual experiential form. He aspires to be as comfortable as possible with existence as a flawed, but striving, human being, and is not to be confused with the immortal and cosmically balanced EON itself.

_ \ • / _ EON is larger than Jean, and the EON is also you, we, and everything in between. We are all already avatars of the EON, and this project makes an attempt to shape truths of the great æther from which we are carved and will presumably* return to, however bittersweet or glorious that eternal promise may be. ” (NEW YORK TRAX)