PREMIERE: GHORBA -V0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0o


a0206000642_10.jpgArtwork by Glorbis

“Notes from the artist:
This album is the sonic equivalent of coming home after a night out and drinking a cup of tea in your garden as the sun comes up, while still dressed for the warehouse. I’m very inspired by nature in Los Angeles, latex and the radical imagining of feminist futures. I’m interested in what it could feel and sound like to combine artificial rave elements with the natural–a leather daddy hat on a tomato plant, an acid house smiley on a cactus. Can we get away from our screens and into something physical through other machines?

I recorded all of these tracks in live takes the week after returning from a womxn’s production retreat in Joshua Tree. I used a TR8, Volca Bass, TB3, Octatrack, two pedals and no post-production. This record is about working towards; it’s a process, not just a product. The Women’s Center for Creative Work’s core values put it well: ‘While acknowledging that perfection and ideological purity are construction of white supremacy culture, we challenge ourselves to grow and evolve and expect that there will always be room for improvement.'””


written by: Ghorba
label: Jacktone Records
release date: November 9, 2018