produced by: @patrickconwaymuzik

release date: Oct 5th 2018

label: Art-E-Fax

“After Trinity Carbon’s swooning trip through crusty breaks and Motor City synths, the good ship Art-E-Fax crosses paths with Patrick Conway for its second mission into the fog-clouded past of soundsystem music.

Conway has been previously spotted lurking around the likes of Forbidden Planet and REKIDS, as well as firing up the Black Orpheus label in an exploration of ruff and ranging body music across the genre spectrum. He’s also donned the Pat Ca$h alias to delve into woozy house abstractions and gotten rowdy with infamous MC Trim under the Low End Activist guise.

 The yearning emotional qualities smudged through “Rage” align with the billowing clouds of sentimentality found in Wolfgang Voigt’s work as Gas, although here they’re strapped to deft, gritty breaks. “Art-E-Fax