1.Who are you? 
Joe Coghill
2. What do you do? 
Im a multi-disciplinary artist based in Edinburgh.
3. Where do you often create/produce? 

Anywhere. But mostly from my flat. I devise temporary workstations combining different equipment and signal paths which I play with and change regularly. Don’t have a fixed set up or space. I prefer taking a nomadic approach.

4. When? 

When I feel motivated and have time.

5. Why do you play music? 

Pure recreation. For enjoyment and somewhat out of compulsion/habit. Interested in exploring the potential of sound as a medium and the boundaries of sounds, music and noise.

6. When did you start making music? 

I’ve always been experimenting with sound and listening to music. From making drum kits out of pots and pans in my grandmothers kitchen to messing about with the synthesizer I was given to practice piano. I could never practice and spent my time making spooky sounding presets and drum loops. Began taking it more seriously when I was about 15 and its continued since then.
7. Which track defines you the most? 
I can’t define myself by a single track. Current definitions may include >
8. How would you describe your own music? 
Frenetic, active, exploratory, repetitive, intuitive, unsettling, varied, algorithmic, processed, opportunistic unpredictable, lively, home-made, electro-acoustic, crunchy, modular, mush.
9. Any track of the moment? 

Serious Song and Headspace App from forthcoming Edinburgh Leisure 12” Contemporary Art in Digital Culture and material from Ailie Ormston’s forthcoming 12” The Sedate / Tony Soprano Fashion Inspo. on 50%PURE.

10.What influences your work? 

My surroundings, experiences, relationships, circumstance and thoughts. Sometimes I work with ideas in mind and sometimes I just explore.

11.What’s your academic background? Are you an autodidact? 

I am predominantly self taught. After being introduced to Sony Acid and Sound-forge at a young age I taught myself how to make basic songs using samples and a computer. I then went on to learn how to use Ableton and developed an understanding of DAW workstations, hardware recording and composition. Constantly mucking around with whatever equipment I could beg, steal or borrow. In 2015 obtained a bachelors degree in Time based Art and digital Film and am considering going back to do a masters in Acoustics and Music technology. Prior to this I studied Music Technology, Illustration and Film Making.

– I don’t have any definitive favorite anything really. I try to keep an open mind and take things on merit. I will share with you some favorites rather than a favorite.

12.Favorite designer? 

John Margotti

13.Favorite book? 
Paul Auster – New York Trilogy
Albert Camus – The Fall

14.Favorite classic movie? 
Full Metal Jacket
Paris Texas
The Passenger
Fistful of Dynamite

15.Favorite music label? 

50%PURE, Extrapolation, 12th isle, Firecracker, Raster-noton, Irdial Discs, Sex Tags Ufo, Borft, Bunker, Rephlex etc…

16.Your dream collaboration? 
Lee Scratch Perry or Autechre or Henry Flynt or Bugs Bunny, Eric Satie
17. Are you analog or digital? 
18.Which soft wares/tools/ instruments do you use/play? 

I try not to limit my process and actively seek to use myriad different production methods. Ranging from software like Ableton and Pure Data to vintage equipment, damaged cassette tape loops, field recordings and zero input mixers. I enjoy exploiting new and old technologies in order to create music and art. My limited budget means that I have to be resourceful.

19.Describe your creative process? 
Scattered and intuitive with strands of cerebral hyper-focus.
20.When are you the most prolific (creatively)? 
Between 5am and 11pm. Mild weather conditions.
21. Any favorite record stores?
Elvis Shakespeare in Leith, Edinburgh.
22.What’s your life philosophy? 
23.Do you have a healthy lifestyle? 


24.How do you manage your time effectively? 

I’m not sure I do.
25. Any secret skills? 
I can program an a.i chatbot to answer interview questions for me in under an hour.
26. Any future plans? 
Make and release more music and find John Margotti.
27.What’s your life motto? 
Find John Margotti
28. Any “mot de la fin”? 

Make music however you want. Just Make it. Doesn’t matter what anyone thinks of it. Making it is rewarding enough and there are only right ways to do it.