CYN002_Innsyter EP_Sleeve Front_700x700CYN002_Innsyter EP_Sleeve Back_700x700

“Contort Yourself is extremely proud to present the first full release from Brazilian producer and December collaborator Innsyter since his amazing LP for LA Club Resource in 2016. As part of the new series on Contort Yourself focusing on contemporary artists. CYN002 picks up where Coletivo Vandalismo left off, channeling that same wild, DIY bedroom studio spirit across nine individual recordings. Opening with sprawling synth motifs fighting against a steady rhythm track, ‘Desintegrado’ sounds like an industrial dub punk trying to channel early Cluster or Moebius and strangely succeeding. The rest of the EP treats us to vaguely Drexciyan, subaquatic electro (‘Bries’) and twisted lo-fi minimalism with bonus eerie monologue samples (‘Superficial Love’). The one recurring theme on Magnetic Healing is Innsyter’s clear love for mournful, post-punk inspired melodies. It comes across loud and clear on almost every track yet never sounds tired. Things eventually draw to a close with the hopelessly romantic new wave instrumental ‘Forest Shaman’ – a blink and you’ll miss it ballad for all those weary-eyed party-goers who stuck around til the sun came up!”

produced by: @innsyter

release date: July 23rd 2018

label: @contortyourselfnow