#93 / AGF


AGF – super-abundance [haiku]
AGF – kii [unreleased]
Beyonce – Top Off – [AGF extract]
XIN – Aedes Splatter
AGF – A Secret Code
Julian Oliver – Extinction Gong [AGF Max version]
AGF – Crypto-Current
AGF – Ice Hockey Court recordings
AGF– Where I come From (intercept)
Eartheater – My ancestors Were Horses
Astilbe – Opaline Y Hyalite (Triadele Revision)
AGF – Body & Gemeinschaft
AGF – Solids / CUT
AGF – Capitalism Crashed [ex]
Derek Piotr – June
Jeanne Lee – Angel Chile
Guillaume Potard – IRAQ BODY COUNT
Marina Rosenfeld – Production a+f (excerpt)
AGF – Solutions from the underground
AGF – Ice Hockey Court recordingsa
Meira Asher – TRX
AGF – Fungi
Qeei – Fluvial
Neural Network Tries to Generate English Speech (RNN/LSTM)
Wimme Saari – Acchi
Born In Flamez – One Eye Blind [UNITI – RECLAIMING THE VOID]

AGF is performing this saturday June 23rd @h0l0 with Debit:

{ani} rhythm-us is an afternoon artist talk and performance session with AGF aka Poemproducer and Debit (NAAFI). The two artists will discuss intersections in their practice as well as concepts of rhythmic representations of community systems and economic circulation in the context of vibration, frequency and energy.

Event curated by DeForrest Brown Jr.

$10 door or in advance (https://ticketf.ly/2yaBKFE)

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