designed by Kaj Lehmann

published by Präsens Editionen

“Brendan Dougherty’s LP Economy and Failure is a work stemming from two tumultuous years for the artist: births, deaths and other big changes. The music was made in hotel rooms, airports, cafes and various studios using a basic setup of laptop and headphones. In contrast to Dougherty’s 2016 LP Sensate (Entr’acte), which used heavy synth patterns to create jittering rhythmic pulses without drum sounds, Economy and Failure sees the drums return on longer arrangements that bear some resemblance to techno. These tracks are interspersed with shorter études in texture and pulse. The resulting pattern heightens the tension between minimalism and emotional depth, making Economy and Failure a peculiar and poetic piece that the artist himself counts as his most direct and emotionally connected yet.” Präsens Editionen

produced by Brendan Dougherty

label :  Präsens Editionen 

release date : june 1st 2018

link :