“ Welcome to the soundtrack of a notional anime! It’s a wandering that gives the floor to what’s around. Atoms are timidly discussing and complimenting each other, time goes out of control. Each episode is a riddle, a game. The swamp is breathing, it laughs and then falls asleep for a while. On the surface of this potion, lotus flowers float, they are doing telepathy with a mangrove nearby. The mangrove smiles and tells its most precious memories without complexes using kanjis. Right next to the swamp, in knitted plants, a sleepwalking cricket dressed as a wizard is dreaming of bitcoins. Far off the mouth cliffs splutters shining stones, the sounds of the many rebounds are generating a melody. Ghosts furrows the scene, murmuring us words of an unknown dialect in the invisible. “
– Loto Retina

– art: frere tuck
– woodcut printing: Eric Kinny
– title connection: Shankar Lestréhan
– cover ideas: Gitte Hendrikx
– voice on “type”: Sophie Farza
– field records collected with Loto Retina, Auguste Brisot and Grégoire Bélien
– song “lotus land” by Cyril Scott


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