PREMIERE : Stallone The Reducer – Impossible Theater




“We Are What You Think We Are” is the tenth dispatch from the crew here at Lost Soul Enterprises, New York City, USA. This compilation features a whopping 15 artists who together represent all corners of the label’s extended family, with frequent local collaborators paired with past guests of our various parties. It is served with love from us to you on 3 slabs of vinyl released in 3 installments.

Each installment charts a different component of our sound: 10.1 highlights the influences of synthwave and postpunk electronics, 10.2 is comprised of razor-sharp acid and overdriven electro, and 10.3 delves into darker shades of industrial techno. Together, all of these elements loosely sketch our little corner of the sonic universe. With this humble offering we tried to capture and share with you a little sliver of what we’ve found together in hazy rooms full of flashing lights and strange sounds.



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