Asylum Party – Love or Madness (Lively Art, 1990)
Zombies Under Stress – Vote Destruction (Staalplaat, 1992)
Santiago – Touched by the Wrong Hand (Unknown Precept, 2017)
Raum-Zeit – No. 4 (Forthcoming)
JASSS WAA- Mother (Mannequin, 2016)
Santiago – Rooms (Unknown Precept, 2016)
Charlie Draheim – Guts on the Dancefloor (Wierd, 2008)
Dreams – Eyes That Burn (Subsubtropics, Forthcoming)
Santiago – Suspicion (Unreleased)
ASSS – Murals Seen (Haunted Air, 2014)
Santiago – Poison Dreams (Unreleased)
Manie Sans Délire – MSD [Version Deux] (June, 2017)
Santiago – Western Vices (Private Selection, Forthcoming)
Raum-Zeit – Dampig (Forthcoming)
Staccato du Mal – Spherical Aberration (Nostilevo, 2015)
Civil Defence Programme – Assembly Line Work (Sleeparchive, 2014)






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