Bergsonist – Afghanistan Bot [Unreleased]

Anthony Rother – Data Bits [Psi49Net]

DJ Fett Burger & Luca Lozano – Electric Blue [ Sex Tags UFO]

Hot Sauce/Maurice Fulton – C’était bon, Très bon (Dr Scratch Vibe mix) [Puu]

Heinrich Mueller Remix – Close timelike curve restructure [Seti Recordings]

Anthony Rother – Die Macht [Psi49Net]

Dj Sotofett – Nekta øl på City Club [Borft Records 140]

Sherwood -The Value Of Nothing

Nmo – Neoliberal Madness Offering [Diagonal]

Faceless Mind – Ocean Movers (Kan3da rmx) [Lunatic Rec]

Zwischenwelt – Telemetric [Rephlex]

Tuning Circuits – i am a non-believer [TFOPE]

Frak – 2016-10-09 [Unreleased]

BFC – Galaxy [Fragile Records]

Boy Harsher – Save Me [ DKA Records]

TWINS – Feeling From Beyond [CGI Records]

Paul Birken – Repeat Offender [Mord]

Prostitutes – Cajun Style [Tram Planet Records]

Dj Sotofett – Drikkepause [Borft Records coming soon]

Taelue – Sirius B [Perpetual Rhythms]

Dj Sotofett – Øl på klubb [Borft Records 140]

Georgia – Ama Yes Uzume [Palto Flats]

Frak – Synthfrilla [Sex Tags Mania]

Bergsonist – Vanished Earth [Unreleased]

Paranoid London Feat Paris Brightledge – Dub 1 [Paranoid London Records]

DJ HMC – Cum On [Dex Classix]

Bertolucci – The Conformist [sample movie]

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