Etat Brut- Helicopteres
Truss- Clawdd Du
Takaaki Itoh- Tune In Turn On
Fret- Untitled
Swere- Swere
ASSS- Grinder (unreleased)
US Hard/ Contemporary- Junk
Vladimir Mayakovsky- Final Verse, Last Poem Feature Mist
Sean Pierce and Jen Oleson- untitled practice tape
Miles- Lebensform
Karenn- Lifesbleach
Stanislav Tolkachev- Break Something That Breaks You
Rrose- The Stare
Sean Pierce– Torn Screen
Sudden Infant- Tandoori Chicken Scooter
Karl O’connor and Peter Sutton- Let Them Bleed
Trade- I Notice You All
Barker and Baumecker- Drin
Hypnobeat- Giving Head To Kilian
Sean Pierce– Preciser
T++- Space Pong
Throbbing Gristle- Still Walking

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