Павел Миляков – Ялта



Павел Миляков “Ялта”

A1: ochhre
A2: dungeon 2
A3: silent e
A4: styx Vol 3
A5: synthopia

B1: nuttech
B2: loop_nov25
B3: warm wind
B4: afterwheel_sept
B5: goldbaby
B6: yalta sea blues

Город Москва.

12″ LP, 180 г., ручная печать.
Июль 2016, Российская Федерация.

Pavel Milyakov “Yalta”

Yalta is a resort city on the southern coast of the Crimean Peninsula surrounded by the Black Sea. This place has heavily influenced a talented artist Pavel Milyakov also known as Buttechno. This album is his dedication to Yalta, but it’s not just about geographical location, it’s about a special and sacred state of mind and soul that the producer calls “Yalta”. This very personal work of a mature author reflects his deep and multifaceted approach to the research of the sound language.

Hand stamped white label, 12” LP, 180 g.
July 2016, Russian Federation.


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