futureworlder – Aufeis


The water in our bodies, in the rivers and oceans is older than the Sun, and when it gets to around 20k, it crystalizes, in structures called packing geometries. The geometry determines density, thickness, weight, etc. Water ice has been found as far away as the Oort cloud. This means that if we were to go that far, we could sustain life for colonies.

I predict that our understanding of ice and subsequent mastery of it, will be the only thing that saves the human race from extinction.

Aufeis(German for “ice on top”) is a sheet-like mass of layered ice that forms from successive flows of ground water during freezing temperatures. In late 2011, Mongolia planned to test the use and storage of artificial naleds (Russian term) as a way of cooling Ulan Bator in the hot Mongolian summer, and reducing the use of energy-intensive air conditioning.

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