1. Who are you?


2. What do you do?

We play synthesizers, program sequensers and drummachines.

3. Where do you often create/produce?

In our studios (Studio Styrka and Studio Primitive).

4. When?

When the time is, when we have time.

5. Why do you play music?

In our opinion, it’s a statement of peace.

6. When did you start making music?

In Zwarres case it must have been almost whole life, but to be more specific it kinda started 1982 when he got the GEM-Sprinter 61 all included Organ..It then took him about five years to convince Sture and Birre that this is the way.

7. Which track defines you the most?

It’s the track Frak – Classic Bass (do the Frak).

8. How would you describe your own music?

We are all synthesizerlovers and our music doesn’t have to be full dancetracks. We play synthesizer music.

9. Any track of the moment?

Frak – Sudden haircut, one of our newest creations and it will be presented on a very special release soon.

10. What influences your work?

The love for synthesizers.

11. What’s your academic background? Are you an autodidact?

The only one with examination and education is Birre. Zwarre and Sture just have the groundschool.

12. Favorite designer?

No opinion.

13. Favorite book?

Keyfax, any number.

14. Favorite classic movie?

Basket case (Henenlotter).

15. Favorite music label?

Normal (Germany), Fetish (UK), Industrial Records (UK).

16. Your dream collaboration?

Severed Heads/Tom Ellard.

17. Are you analog or digital?

hell! Neither, everything – Both!!!!

18. Which soft wares/tools/ instruments do you use/play? 

Just different things we have in our studios.

19. Describe your creative process?

It can of course be different, but one frequently reason until now, is to always produce new stuff to present on our live gigs.

20. When are you the most prolific (creatively)?

This can also be different but mostly when we have some kind of a deadline. The deadline can be far away in time but it gives us ideas.

21. Any favorite record stores? (Real/virtual)

RRR (Recordlabel/recordstore US)

22. What’s your life philosophy? 

we´re still young.

23. Do you have a healthy lifestyle?

Y__________E_____________S! NO.

24. How do you manage your time effectively? (Job/hobby)

It is really a hard thing to manage but still, it´s a lifestyle.

25. Any secret skills?


26. Any future plans?

To grow musically, technically and mentally.

27.What’s your life motto?


28. Any “mot de la fin”?




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