Civil Duty – Civil Duty


Civil Duty aka Shawn O’Sullivan and Beau Wanzer, released few weeks ago their self-titled debut album on The Corner.

The LP consists of 9 tracks:

No Dexterity – Microtome Massacre – Belial’s Night In – Mindhives – Pure Tums – Spiderbites – Fischkopf – Two Door Civic –  Pro Emetic.

We liked how the album feels frenetic and how it draws incessantly threads of continuity and dissonance. As an essay, this album seeks to explore the notion of rhythm as a mean of expression through time.

Additionally, listening to this material reminded us of the uselessness of technological skills, how they are needed in a certain period of time but because of their ephemerality, they are soon becoming obsolete.

Besides, because of its repetitive character, this album also reminded us of the process of ‘creative destruction’;  the patterns are repeating themselves periodically in form but never really in substance.

Among  the tracks we particularly liked:  ‘Two Door Civic”, “Pure Tums”, “Spider Bites” and “MindHives”.

“Two Door Civic” exhales a contagious kinetic energy. We liked how by using repetitive rhythmic patterns, a movement is generated. (strangely reminded us of High End Basics- FurtherReductions)

“Pure Tums” showcases an hypnotic sonic manipulation. The juxtaposition between the consistent rhythmic drive and the ‘signal’ like sounds, reminded us of  this notion of ‘digital failure’; how because of our collateral enslavement to technology  and because of its imperfection, our freedom is starting slowly to become a myth..

“Spider Bites” presents a hypnotic  non-linear progression. We liked how the percussive lines bring some density to the overall composition, while the granulary sounds assuage this convulsion..

On the other hand, “Pro Emetic” feels more ‘focused’. We liked its acidic derivative and how its frenetic rhythmic flow along with the transcendent sample create a glitchy aesthetic.

Finally we liked how “Mindhives” displays a steady pulse directing toward something unknown, a point or  a limit perhaps but never reaches it.. We also liked how the fragmented  sounds are stabbing  the listener’s consciousness and how they are incrementally contributing to the emergence of a danceable framework…