Jesse Osborne-Lanthier & Robert Lippok – Timeline



Jesse Osborne-Lanthier and Robert Lippok just released their new collaborative project ‘Timeline’ on Geographic North.

We found its conceptual approach enthralling; this material was created in a ‘one shot jam session and was inspired by a designed timeline that was exchanged back and forth throughout the months’ before the two artists physically meet.

We liked the fluidity of the  sonic manipulation of this material. Each track is unfolding a hidden narrative that attracts the listener’s attention and pushes him to explore the depth of his own imagination..

The material consists of 7 tracks:

01 aperiodic – 02 many a moon – 03 visit – 04 haste – 05 stint – 06 allotment – 07 juncture

It’s interesting to see how it encompasses multiple dimensions, in which different layers of micro-sounds are meticulously  assembled. We liked how in each track the sounds are spliced out as if they were trimmed with a razor blade and how they operate at a microscopic level until slowly  generating a denseness in which layers are added incrementally.

For instance, ‘juncture’ illustrates  well this phenomenon in which the sounds operate at a microscopic level and in a glitchy fashion are slowly structuring the composition. Their  fast hypnotic trajectory presupposes a certain organization in time and challenges the listener’s ability to locate himself in the spatio-temporel matrix. On the other hand, ‘stint’ is more aerial, and  emphasizes more on its overall deployment/morphosis rather than its ‘instant’ manifestation..

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