Ken Camden – Curiosity


Ken Camden, sound artist from Chicago, released few days ago a preview of his track ‘Curiosity’ taken from his upcoming LP ‘Dream Memory’ on the imprint Kranky. (official release June 15th)

The album consists of 8 tracks:

1. Adenosine 2. Time Bend 3. Renewal 4. Curiosity 5. Melatonin 6. Dream Memory 7. Brain Work 8. Asleep at the Wheel

We found this album delightful and brilliant. It’s interesting to see  how the use of the steel slide and e-bow technique from the electric guitar can open a new realm of sonic explorations and  somehow trick the listener. We liked its reverse approach, how using the guitar to emulate the synthesizer  proves the autonomy of sound..

Our favorite is ‘Curiosity’. We liked how it breathes naturally and at the same time how the soundscape is  unfolding organically. The fluidity of this piece made us thought about our place in this universe..