Ekman – No Man Is An Island


Ekman just released on  the imprint Berceuse Heroique this track ‘No Man Is An Island’.

We found this track excellent. First of all, just the gesture of making it ‘free download’ is remarkable and strongly engaged in the way that it confronts the familiar and pushes people to start questioning the usual.

On the other hand, the brilliant juxtaposition of the vocal from Linklater’s ‘Walking Life‘ and the acid rhythmic drive is transcendent.  We liked how the notion of hope and disillusion is represented throughout the whole track. For a moment, we abruptly lost track of time, time became a sort of  illusion and we started to feel through sound the violence and depth of the existential statements..

Society is a fraud so complete and venal that it demands to be destroyed beyond the power of memory to recall its existence.

Where there is fire, we will carry gasoline.