James Hoff – Operation Olympic Games



James Hoff,  sound artist based in Brooklyn, just released his new work ‘ Operation Olympic Game’ commissioned by Deutschlandradio Kultur.

We found this release excellent. (especially N002, we liked its techno informed aesthetic)

We liked the physical strength of this material and its unpredictable consistency. Again, this work proves the richness and unexploited versatility of  ‘computer viruses’ in art..

We also liked how it engages the intellect; curiously the unfamiliarity of the sounds soon got accustomed by our hearing system and aroused in us an urge to keep on listening in the search of  an undefined ‘entity’..

Besides, its interesting to see how the rhythmic drive amplifies this need. While, the created perseverance unconsciously pushes us toward cryptic fields in order to embrace the unknown and open our minds..

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