Indek – Collection of Fatals Errors Vol.1


Indek, sound artist from Anna Maria Island, just released his new compilation ‘Collection of Fatals Errors Vol.1’.

We liked its degree of unexpectedness. Each track presents its own microcosm. The compilation consists of 8 tracks; ‘Tumsalright2′,’Rng’, ‘Voicheze3′,’Smachygit’, ‘Crid’, ‘Acri’, ‘Gments’ and’Erreas’.

Our favorites are ‘Rng’, ‘Crid’, ‘Gments’ and ‘Erreas’.

We liked how the material presents an innovative character, constantly redefining itself. The triviality of conventional listening experiences endlessly breaks down/rises from its ashes in order to push the listener towards unfamiliar territories..

This phoenix approach as well as its timelessness totally magnetized us..

previous work we  also liked :

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