Project Pablo – I Want To Believe



Patrick Holland aka Project Pablo, producer from Vancouver, just released his new EP ‘I Want To Believe‘ on the imprint 1080p.

We liked its restlessness ‘vintage’ audacity. The Ep consists of 9 tracks:

1-Follow It Up / 2-Movin’ Out / 3-Why, Though? / 4-Why, Though? / 5-In the Mat / 6-The Fuss / 7-Always / 8-The Feeling / 9-It’s Out There

Our favorite are ‘SkyLounge’ and ‘Follow It Up’.       .

Follow It Up has a nice  house/disco approach,  full of fresh sonic scents hanging out there in the local swimming pool while nonchalantly sipping infectious cocktails of groove.. On the other hand, ‘Skylounge’ is more aerial and ’emotional’..listening to it was like watching one of Rohmer’s tales or gazing through the window of our own memory ..


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