Biomass & R.O.M – MDOF



Panos Kyveleas a.k.a BIOMASS, producer from Greece and the Italian impro-noise duo R.O.M. (Alessandro Quintavalle/electronic bass & Luca Pastore/tenor sax) just released on Modal Analysis their new EP ‘MDOF’ (Multiple Degree of Freedom).

We liked the inventiveness of this release. The EP consists of 4 parts

A1: M.D.O.F#1 (Original) 3’32”
A2: M.D.O.F#2 (Original) 6’10”
B1: M.D.O.F#3 (Original) 7’32”
B2: M.D.O.F#4 (Original) 2’57”

This preview is mouth-watering. We found its sonic treatment mesmerizing. We actually liked how the textures created are alternating between harmony and dissonance. After listening to it, we felt submerged by the ‘saxo’ plaintive character, while the overall enveloping atmosphere as well as the sonic density enhanced our oneiric immersive experience..