Holly Herndon & Mat Dryhurst – Recruit




Holly Herndon and Mat Dryhurst,  californian sound artists  just released on RVNG Intl their new collaborative piece ‘Recruit’, commissioned by the London clothing brand ‘Cottweiler’ for their Autumn Winter 2015 line.

We liked the approach of opposing natural to artificial sounds and how using the voice as a sonic tool empowers the composition and brings novelty. Midway, we liked how the soundscape starts to take a human form and becomes narrative..

The different layers of voice create a flourishing rhythm accompanied by effervescent beats..The listener commences to lose sense of reality by witnessing the emergence of different natural sounds slowly transforming themselves into this growing ‘undefined’ mass .. its strange but during a moment we felt like in a dream, trying to escape but trapped in our own reality..while the end made us though of a sahara, a tribe or a mirage..

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