Helena Hauff – Shatter cone


Few days ago, Helena Hauff, producer based in Hamburg, released her new EP “Shatter Cone” on the swiss label Lux Rec.

The EP consists of four tracks: “Accidie”, “Hiemal Quietus”, “Severe Slash” and “Furthermost Nevermore”.

According to Helena : “Shatter Cone is a rare imprint that is only known to form in the bedrock beneath meteorites impacts or underground nuclear explosion. It is the eventual evidence that huge pressure has been applied and life as we know it has disappeared. So shaped and recorded, such pressure, has been pressed on vinyl and delivered to you. Enjoy.”

We liked the schizophrenic color of the EP. It eschews some interesting  acid/tech patterns. We also liked how each track unfolds a unique uninhibited aggressiveness.

Undoubtedly, the material encompasses intricate structures and a progression that definitely exhales a tour-de-force maneuver.

Our favorite tracks are “Accidie” and “Hiemal Quietus”. We liked their contradictory relationship. “Accidie” presents an appealing dramatic race, powered by some aggressive percussive lines. While, “Hiemal Quietus” is more subtle; its progressive material is  carefully revealed although the omnipresence of strings and drums are endangering the consistency of the melodic flow..