Oren Ambarchi – Quixotism Part 5 (eMEGO 202)


Oren Ambarchi, australian composer/multi-instrumentalist, released few days ago “Quixotism Part 5” from his upcoming album “Quixotism” via Editions Mego.

(official release: October 27th)

This interlude definitely exudes a tour-de-force manoeuvre .

It really takes you to a journey where time is abolished and contentment prevails. During 14:44 minutes, we lost contact with reality and our conscious state. We liked the duality between the organic electronic sounds and the tabla lines. Besides, we liked how the ethereal quality of this “part” is subtly accentuated by the add of tangible instruments. The overall listening experience made us feel so small and big at the same time.

Paradoxically, the blend of the different sonic elements is inflected in our personal identity..