keno masaaki – vortex state


Few days ago, Keno Masaaki, japanese  composer/sound artist, released via raster-noton  his new EP “Vortices”.

The EP consists of four tracks: “vortex state”, “excited state”, “bound state” and         “supersolid state”.

Our favorite is ” vortex state”. We liked the growing resentment and joy brought by the intangible tension between the sounds and their endless propagation.  Besides, we found its composition brilliant. We liked how it is well balanced and also presents a remarkable consistency.

It is interesting to see how the sound even when it stops is still present. As if the breaks allow us to listen to it via another medium. It reminded us of this immersive experience we had at a gallery, where after have been in the dark for a long time, we started to lose connection to our senses and when the experiment ended we realized that we needed time to re-adjust to the reality..