Brian Not Brian – Holywell Session (Krokodilo Tapes, 2014)



With no visitors and my mind too washed out with drugs to read, I found the time passed terribly slowly. There was a careful hierarchy of activities for the patients in Holywell: creative writing and pottery for the most biddable, painting for others, but the hard cases, of which I was now one, had to be content with watching Give My Head Peace through the fog of antipsychotic medication.

“And the drugs had a whole raft of unpleasant physical side-effects. I had muscular spasms, an agonising tightness in my neck and back and uncontrollable twitching in my face. The medication induced a sense of restlessness that could find no outlet. It was intolerable to sit for any length of time. I ate standing up so that I could keep moving, and I spent hours in my cubicle shifting from foot to foot, trying to console myself by singing – more like muttering – songs under my breath. There was a whole number of them in there, inside my head, intact, that I couldn’t remember ever having heard before.”


“A sixty minute mixtape from Brian Not Brian: peerless selector, fellow traveller, and co-founder of the Going Good label (Cloudface, Aquarian Foundation, Anom Vitruv). Spans spooked, careworn techno-primitivism, blues from under the floorboards, “inappropriate ambient”. Proper.”