J Dubular – Lion On A Rock

kinski    Jonathan Granoff (Granular) and Joel Scanlon (J.Dubby) aka J Dubular, experimental Jazz band from Colorado, released few months ago their new collaborative  LP  “ Lion On A Rock”.

Beautifully crafted, this album is full of different textures and flavors. It truly celebrates the richness and the authenticity brought by “real” instruments.

However, without rejecting the notion of “progress” as part of mankind’s evolution.               The combination of both worlds is an innovative way to celebrate the elegance of Jazz in its purest form (with all its sub-genres) and to increment it in this digitalized era.. We liked how each track introduces a new instrument, a new style and the feeling that the LP is a dialogue between each instruments. Its eclectic flavors makes it even more appealing. Listening to the vinyl was like traveling in many dimensions at the same time. The LP consists of five tracks : Just A Dub, Rag Dub, Booter Dub, Blip Dub and Buddha Mix. Our favorite  tracks were Rag Dub and Buddha Mix. Just A Dub opens the bal with a sick bass part, while Natalie Lowe’s vocal assuages the sharpness of the drums. Rag Dub on the other hand presents an interesting kosmische swirl. We liked the intro, the tone is immediately announced while the drums take you to a mystery path, carefully led by some great tabla lines played by Andy Skellenger. Booter Dub announces a nice jazzy-ambient atmosphere. We liked how the trumpet played by Sean Winters generates a nice esoteric mood while the guitar officializes its dub quality. We also liked the dynamism engendered by the use of reverbs and delays.. Furthermore, we liked how Blip Dub is more guitar oriented and how the guitar parts played by Ian Gastl and Jordan Linit unleash the true spirited-self of Jazz. While Buddha Mix, in collaboration with Takuya Nakamura, propagates some cool futuristic-nonchalant vibes..