Q&A : Project Pablo


1. Who are you? 

A guy from Canada.

2. What do you do?

I make/play/select sounds and music with machines.

3. Where do you often create/produce? 

I produce in my bedroom, and friends’ studios.

4. When?

All hours of day/night.

5. Why do you play music? 

It makes me feel good.

6. When did you start making music?


7. Which track defines you the most? 

A track called “Leave”.

8. How would you describe your own music?


9. Any track of the moment?

“Something (On My Mind)” by Jack J.

10.What influences your work?

X-files, rain, friends, dancing and stress.

11.What’s your academic background? Are you an autodidact? 

I’m self taught originally, but now I’m studying composition / electro acoustics in university.

12.Favorite designer?

I don’t follow fashion.

13.Favorite book?

“Heart Of Darkness” but I don’t read much.

14.Favorite classic movie?

“The Holy Mountain”.

15.Favorite music label?

Text, PPU, Moodhut, UTTU.

16.Your dream collaboration?


17. Are you analog or digital?

A bit of both, hopefully more hardware soon !

18.Which softwares/tools/ instruments do you use/play?

Ableton, tr707, Volcas, Electribe.

19.Describe your creative process?

Pick a sample, a harmony, or melody, and play around it until something happens..

20.When are you the most prolific (creatively)?

Mid Afternoon after a long sleep in and a lot of coffee.

21. Any favorite record stores? (Real/virtual)

Beat Street, Red Eye, Value Village.

22.What’s your life philosophy? (Optimistic/pessimistic)

Be Nice.

23.Do you have a healthy lifestyle?

I eat well but don’t sleep well.

24.How do you manage your time effectively? (Job/hobby)

Have no social life haha.

25. Any secret skills?

I can sail.

26. Any future plans?

Moving to Montreal.

27.What’s your life motto?

Don’t have one.

28. Any “mot de la fin”?