Helio Parallax – Helio Parallax (debut LP)




Takuya Nakamura, Josh Werner and Marihito Ayabe aka Helio Parallax, dub trio based in Brooklyn, released their new debut LP “Helio Parallax”  featuring Bianca Casady, Jahdan Blakkamore and Bill Laswell on M.O.D Technologies.

The album consists of 13  tracks:

Helio Parallax

Strange Dream (feat. Loque)

Another Broken Human

Kilgore Trout Dub

Soft Blind Pony Ride (feat. Bianca Casady)

Speed Of Life (feat. Jahdan Blakkamore)

Frank’s Lament (feat. Doug Wiesleman)

Nocturne for Secret Planets

After the Flood

Happy Helio

City of Glass

New Planet, Old Sun

Strange Dream Dub Bill Laswell Remix

This album is a pure gem. Listening to it was a whole living experience, mostly because of its unpredictability and eclecticism. More you listen to it more you realize that the experience is in a constant movement. All the tracks are beautifully crafted and present a uniqueness. Obviously, we liked its  avant-garde duality: the confrontation between analog sounds and real instruments. Besides, we also liked the Sci-fi dub noir atmosphere emanating from most of the tracks. We found that the production exhales somehow a spirit of visionariness..


Our favorite tracks are :

“Helio Parallax”, we liked how the trumpet opens the ball. Its enigmatic melody generates a notion of dejavu – (like if it was written for a movie).. The momentum generated by the trumpet, subtly complemented by the nonchalant rhythmic drive is bewitching..

Furthermore, we liked the rhythmic groove of “Another Broker Human”. The percussive patterns are melting within the sumptuous guitar textures, this confrontational relation resonated within our emotional sensitiveness. Additionally,  the synth parts create around the melody a nice psychotic/mysterious atmosphere..

Concerning “Soft Blind Pony Ride”, we liked its melting pot quality; lo-fi,warm raw and melodic vibes flourishing from everywhere.. We definitely liked how the vocal lines and the electronic textures add a psychedelic dimension..

On the other hand, “Happy Helio” is so beautiful. It embeds  a scientific documentary vision. The futuristic sounds construct an ambient cosmos, while the raw guitar lines assert the identity of the melody..


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