Ever Moving – #1

jkGetTheBalanceRight!, new record label from Warsaw, released few months ago Ever Moving’s new EP “#1”.

The album consists of five tracks :

“Lagon Drive”, “Underwater Love”, “Mirror’s Edge/ Becoming”, “Other Side Wonders” and “Space Jamm #461”.

The release is one of the most exciting discovery we had this week.

We liked its subtle house/balearic tone. Each tracks presents this minimalistic purity and stillness, directed by a house driven rhythm and some cool underwater sounds..

The instrumentation of our two favorites “Lagon Drive” and “Space Jamm #461” is mesmerizing. We liked the soothing approach of the bass lines in “Lagon Drive” , in which the psychedelic textures amplifie its chiming dreamscape feeling. On the other hand, “Space Jamm” has this delightful old school house vibes, more punchy and groovy..